We Made it to South Africa!

Our surprise flight to London was nice and comfy because it was close to empty and we could each stretch across 3 seats for this overnight ride. Upon arrival in London, we left the airport hastily and sought out the nearest English natural area, which was a place called Staines. We went for a joy ride on a public bus to accomplish our goal: see English country side and make it back to the airport in time to catch our flight. We had 6 hours to do this. Everything went smoothly except it was a chilly 47 degrees and we didn’t have jackets. Ryne braved the cold while Cy and I stayed at the town center. Shops and a food market kept me occupied while Ryne ran to the woods and probably found 25+ bird species and a red fox in an hour on his first and brief trip to Europe. We were short on time so only stayed an hour before we had to take the 35 minute bus ride back to the airport. Cypress thought the bus ride was great fun! “Wee wee” he repeated.

We were all very emotional when we touched down in Joburg. Feeling happy, excited, dazed and irritable by all after 2 days of travel.

We were greeted by Johann, Helderberg campervan employee, at the arrival gate and he introduced us to our shiny new camper van rental. We LOVE it! As Johann gave us a demo how everything works, he lost the keys! We spent an hour looking and finally found them under the mattress in the back of the van. Meanwhile, my stomach began turning because I realized that we forgot a bag at the airport! 8 hours after arriving, we made it out to the bushveld and 5 minutes after arriving in the African bush, I was stung by a wasp on my foot! It was excruciating and swelled immediately. It hurt to stand and walk for 2 days! Feeling much better now!

My first impression of South Africa is that it’s HOT, strangely familiar and that the people are extremely friendly and helpful, but very difficult to understand their English. Most South Africans speak Afrikaans and  English. Crime is widespread in the city so there are security guards everywhere -outside and inside shopping malls and grocery stores.

Cypress’ first impressions are yet to come because he is just not convinced yet that we are in Africa. He didn’t know it’s full of people, cities and cars. When we went one our first game drive he proclaimed, now we’re in Africa! I think only when he sees zebras, Lions, hippos, giraffes and warthogs will he believe. Ryne and I have seen blue wildebeest, zebras, giraffes and a warthog already! Along with over 150 birds species, 7 frogs and 2 snakes. Poor Cypress was sleeping though when we saw the large mammals,but has really enjoyed herping with Dada on night hikes.

We are having some issues with charging electronics, but hopefully we will be able to post some good wildlife/scenery pictures soon! In the meantime I’m posting a few pics I took on my iPhone. They don’t really convey how much we are experiencing or do Africa justice though. Off to the famous Kruger National Park tomorrow for 9 days in one of the worlds greatest natural areas!

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  1. Oh, excited with you and for you as your African adventure begins! Looking forward to the updates. ❤️❤️❤️ Aunt P.

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