The Cape Region and Table Mountain National Park

We are currently basking in the glorious Cape Region! There are only a few places I have visited (such as New Zealand, south Australia and Thailand) that compare to the dramatic beauty of the coastline here!

The picturesque Hout Bay.

The bountiful beaches are stunning with dreamy turquoise water hugging the white-est sand I’ve ever seen.


Last Monday, we said a bitter sweet adios to our much loved and very lived in camper van. We are now renting an eco-house, dubbed “the magic house” in Hout Bay. I found this place on This website has rentals listed from all over the world. Our hosts, who live in the adjoining “magic house” are very friendly and try to promote simple, green living. The guy, Mikey, makes furniture out of scrap wood and Danielle advocates eco-living. They have two children (8 and 12) and have saved many of their old books and puzzles, so Cypress is in heaven, being the bookworm that he is! Our hosts are so kind (they are letting us stay an extra night for free!) and easy going. Their door is alway open so Cypress can go to their “library ” anytime to “check out” new reading materials or puzzles. It’s a lot of fun staying here and after seeing many of the surrounding scenic sights, I think I could live here! I’m definitely not ready to go home yet! However, I am excited to experience wild Namibia and Botswana in the comingย months!

Our week has been jammed with exploring the amazing botanical garden, hiking, beach strolling, tide pooling, bird watching and even a sea safari (we saw a Great White Shark!).

We had an unforgettable experience with African Penguins! They nest on the shore, under rocks or bushes, here at Boulder Beach, Simon Town (Cape Town). This one came over to say ‘hi’ to Cypress! Cy squealed with joy “he likes me!”
A mountaineer in training! My proud boy, contemplating the breathtaking view, on top of the summit he conquered at Cape of Good Hope. It was quite a climb for me and he made it the whole way on his own!
Found a Black Girdled Lizard!

Table Mountain National Park! Completely wowed us! Proclaimed the 7th wonder of the natural world! The plant diversity is astounding! 2,285 species occur on the mountain! That’s more than the entire state of Michigan!

Asters are well represented with hundreds of species.

On top of table mountain. We cheated and took the cable car to the top, but came prepared to hike down. We had no idea what we were in for!

It’s a 1 minute ride up in a cable car or a grueling 3-4 hour hike up and your pretty much rock climbing for the last half of the trek.
Looking down on Cape Town from the top of the table from within the cable car.
Loving the diverse flora and endless breathtaking views!

Steep steep steep exhausting hike down!! The trail went down this narrow ravine. I think it took us about 3.5 hours to return to our car. Three days later it is still painful to walk! It was a terrific quad workout!

Lovely Protea in bloom.


Cypress the dassie (rock hyrax) whisperer.


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  1. Cypress is growing and filling out!
    Beautiful Beach Pics! ( they are all beautiful)
    Thank You for the post card to add to my collection! One more from Cape or Botswana? I have been intrigued with that country for many years.
    Love you all. XXOO for all but more for Sweet Cy! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ผ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ผ
    Much Love,

    1. Hey Nana! Glad you like all the pictures! I have so many more I need to share! Cypress found a pretty shell for you! We are all filling out, lol. The food is cheap! Love and miss you!!

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