Sweet Sydney

Dec. 2, Day 1
We arrived in Sydney at 8:38 AM, tired, excited and emotional. As we flew in over Sydney we had an incredible view, tears started welling up in my eyes as well as Rynes! I was in disbelieve that we were at what seemed to be an intangible place. Now it’s reality, our life for the next 4 months. Glorious Australia!

The plane ride was hellish, but we made it without a hitch! I went the whole night without sleep because it’s impossible to get comfortable in a dinky seat that reclines 2 inches, plus I had to make sure Cypress didn’t roll off my lap! He did great despite waking up every few hours perplexed that he wasn’t in his usual comfy bed. The Taxi ride from the airport to spaceship rental was 20 minutes and $60 Aus, thankfully the rental place paid. My head was foggy and I had an extreme headache plus nausea. I tried to pay attention as the Aussie explained details of our new house on wheels. Much smaller than I envisioned, but clean and recently serviced. We loaded our mountain of belongings in, closed the doors…oh no… The sliding door just fell off! And if this wasn’t bad enough, the van wouldn’t start! The Aussie got a battery and jumped us and told us to drive to the auto shop, which was literally next door. The mechanic fixed the door and changed the battery in less than 2 minutes and we we’re out of there! Thank goodness because I was roasting! Yay, AC works exceptionally well! Although I planned on driving, I couldn’t due to my ailing condition. Ryne took the wheel and he did very well! I laughed every time he tried to signal his right or left turns, he turned on his wipers instead (They drive on the left side of the road and everything in the van is opposite). We got a few groceries like bread, jam, fruit, carrots and eggs and headed to Royal National Park just an hours drive south of Sydney.
My first impression of Sydney was a cross between Florida and coastal Southern California. Several palms and low shrubby trees with small foliage covered the landscape. The air was thick, humid and stifling hot!
At our campsite, we were greeted by sulphur crested cockatoos, raucous parrots and other small birds. There was also 20 plus 5th graders camping near us and I found their accent to be quite hilarious! “Do you reckon the tide will come in soon?” Another little girl says ” no, I don’t reckon the tide will come in.” Cypress was soon playing happily with a 15 month old Aussie girl named Daisy near a water spigot!
Day 2. Today we woke at dawn, 5:20 after going to bed at 8 PM. We all went into comas and felt refreshed when we woke! I haven’t slept that deep in years! It felt wonderful! We started day 2 taking a walk and birdwatching. We saw a beautiful crimson Rosella, a big parrot and I spotted our first snake on the trail after Ryne stepped over it. We assumed it was venomous and let it be after taking a picture.
Then we hiked through beautiful eucalyptus forest with HUGE trees! We watched superb lyrebirds, a lace monitor lizard and more.
We happened to stumble upon a gem of a place called Watamolla and went for a swim. It felt so good to put our toes in the sand!
We are on top of the Blue Mountains now and are on our way to the outback, so it might be a while before our next post.








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  1. We were thrilled to get your post today. It’s reassuring knowing you made it through that marathon flight. Great pics. Especially love the one where the cockatoos are joining your picnic. Cypress was thrilled when he saw a tiny chickadee or squirrel outside our window last week. Can’t imagine his excitement to see all these birds up close and personal! Look forward to experience Australia through your blogs and camera:)

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