Snow Delay on our Travel Day

Hello all!

As I write this, we would have been on a jumbo jet to Johannesburg, South Africa (Joburg), but unfortunately we had a 2 hour delay in Chicago, due to that cold white stuff we were so keen to avoid, and missed our connecting flight in Atlanta. Our first serious snow of the year and it happened to be on our travel day! Oh well, guess sometimes your the fly and sometimes your the window. We were automatically put on the next flight to Joburg, which leaves tonight at 11:50pm and it stops in London! Ryne is giddy as a school girl about visiting Europe for the first time and plans to go birding during our 6 hour layover (oh, boy! Ryne already has 3 natural areas he wants to visit! We might miss another flight!) In case you don’t know Ryne – he tends to skip gleefully to the nearest new natural area and looses track of time! Ryne says “when given rhubarb, make rhubarb pie.”

The birds do sound exciting and maybe we can show Cypress thee actual London bridge!

Meanwhile, I’m dreading the 2 overnight flights before reaching our destination. Hopefully, we will all get some sleep.

Cypress is a great traveler! He loves plane rides and he especially loves the ginger biscuits that Delta Airlines serves.

Warmest Regards,

Jen, Ryne and Cypress

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