Rainforest and Platypuses

G’day! We are having a glorious time exploring Australia’s east coast!! We are also loving our spaceship, dubbed Crazy Keith! It’s so convenient having a home on wheels! Cy also enjoys it as he goes bananas whenever he gets the chance to romp around on our bed!

We have visited a plethora of awesome places! The diverse habitat and unique fauna we have experienced in just two short weeks have been mind blowing and so enjoyable! We recently visited Eungella National Park near Mackay, Queensland and were treated with exceptional views of a platypus, a unique egg-laying mammal! This was on mine and Rynes most wanted to see list! Such an odd little creature, it was thrilling to glimpse him surface in the river! For just a few seconds, I could see his brown plump furry body, webbed duck like feet, white eye and that strange rubbery bill! Interestingly, they are teetless even though they are mammals! They still produce milk, but it drips out from their abdomen!!

Currently, we are in Townsville, Queensland, officially in the tropics! We crossed north of the Tropic of Capricorn on Monday. Thus, at 20 degrees latitude south, in mid December, we are receiving more solar radiation than anywhere on the planet! (in other words, it dangerously HOT here!!).

We visited the Whitsunday region today. This was a gorgeous place where jungle clad mountains met the ocean with mangroves and some white sandy beaches. It was a spontaneous stop so we only stayed a few hours. It was far too hot to do anything at the beach so we took a walk at Conway National Park.


Cypress looking for corals at Whitsunday.

We are headed towards Cairns to explore the Great Barrier Reef next!!

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