Pulau Tiga

Pulau Tiga (3 islands) was simply stunning! Also known as ‘Survivor Island’ because this was where the first season of the Survivor TV show was filmed. Pulau Tiga is the largest island formed by 3 mud volcanoes. It has white sandy beaches, aquaramarine water and wonderful reefs just offshore. We had a wonderful time snorkelling, hiking and bobbing like a cork in the bubbling mud pools on top of the volcano! The weather turned for worse on the 2nd day. Rain and high-speed winds cancled our plans for the day, that was to visit snake island. Thankfully, the next morning was relatively calm and we were able to take a boat to the island after all! The famous Pulau Ular (Snake Island) is a small forested island with a rocky shoreline and loaded with sea snakes. We found 4, but 100’s have been found in 15-20 minutes.  We also saw Pied Imperial Pigeons, White Bellied Sea Eagles and Lesser Frigate birds here. We briefly visited the 3rd island which was gorgeous, pretty much just a sand spit surrounded by great coral reefs.


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  1. I love the picture of you, two, and the snakes. Very scary and cool! You look like you are having a great time.

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