Nam Nao NP, Chaing Mai

We just returned from another camping adventure at Nam Nao National Park. We had a wonderful time there amongst the majestic open grown pines and oaks and bamboo filled broadleaf evergreen forest. Highlights included; ancient coniferous plants called Cycads, numerous birds including; Red-billed blue Magpies, Greater Flamebacks, Silver Pheasants and much more, 3 species of snake and the giant Tokay Gecko! We love staying at the National Parks here. You can camp for about a dollar per night, there are lots of great hiking trails and there are typically Thai restaurants there with cheap, delicious rice dishes. We have seen very few tourists at the two parks that we visited. We are in northern Thailand (tourist infested Chaing Mai) now and we will be going to another national Park (Doi Inthanon), where we will camp for a while and visit the highest peak in Thailand, while exploring a southern spur of the Himalayan Mountains.

One thought on “Nam Nao NP, Chaing Mai”

  1. Hi Jen and Ryne,
    Your adventure sounds wonderful…and warm. Back in the UP it is snowing and cold. Have a great time.

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