La Luna es magico

One night I awoke and was struck by the twinkling forest surrounding the cabin, which is usually pitch dark from 6:30 pm until 6 am. Could it be a clear sky? I jumped out of bed and searched for the light source. Yes! The moon! A big, bright, beautiful moon! Just one day shy of being full, but certainly not any less magical! Moonlight danced upon the rain-kissed leaves bouncing off in silvery delight! I was beside myself with emotions of glee and utter joy, touched by this precious moment in time. Stars sparkled above and I was reminded of my fondness and longing for the night sky. This was only my second time viewing the night sky in five weeks (first time seeing the moon). I ran to get Ryne out of bed, thinking he is not going to want to miss this. He was in a cold sleep and said “I don’t have my contacts in.” I brought your glasses, I said, and he stumbled over to the look out in a half awaken stooper. By this time thin purple clouds roamed over the moon and Ryne said you got me up for this?
I will never take a clear night for granted again. Go out and gaze at the glorious night sky, cherish it because in some parts of the world, particularly the cloud forest in the rainy season, it is rare to see!
We are all doing wonderful and enjoy living in our remote cabin in the jungle. We only have one week left. Time has flown by way too fast! And Cypress is getting so big! We plan to visit the east side of the Andes before we fly home on the 13th of Feb. flight 6183, American Airlines. Estimated time of arrival is 12:10 pm.



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  1. Please call when you get back to the states. Dad & I plan on coming down first part of March. Be safe. I love you so much. Nana missing My sweet Cypress. Mom

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