We arrived by boat to Kalimantan, Indonesia today! This is our 6th and final country we will visit on our SE Asia travels. After being in Indonesia for an hour, I can tell we will have to learn the language. In Malaysia most people new good English, but here most people don’t go beyond “Hello Mr.” I probably heard this 50 times on a 15 minute walk. The people either smile and wave at you or stop dead in their tracks and stare at you like your an alien.

We had an amazing 5 weeks in Borneo! We spent the past week at Danum Valley Field Center. This protected area is remote and surrounded by pristine lowland jungle, clouded leopard sightings are regular and leopard cats are common! Unfortunately, we did not see any wild cats, but we did see slow loris, red-leaf monkey, borneon gibbon, orang-utans, lesser mouse deer, bearded pigs, malay and common palm civit, hairy nosed otter, sumatran pit viper, leaf-nosed pit viper and many frogs and birds. I think my favorite find was an apple-green juvenile Malayan flat-shelled turtle in a crystal clear waterfall pool! We also had fantastic looks at 4 beautiful Pittas (blue banded, banded, blue headed and black and crimson). Ryne had a brief view of a giant pitta fly across the trail. This was great because pittas are very, very hard to see! We also watched a great argus (pheasant) at close range calling, feeding and preening! Another very hard bird to see, but this one was easy because he had a lek site on the trail. We approached slowly and got within 4 meters!!

Tomorrow we depart by boat to the oddly shaped island of Sulawesi. More later…

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  1. If you are heading to Palu, Sulawesi look up Excel Sawuwu. His english is decent and would be of great help if you need it. He is a guide (not much of a naturalist) but could hook you up with a good naturalist if you are heading to Lore Lindu National Park. How knows all the Palu guides.

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