Farmstay and Caving

Shelling peanuts that were just harvested. These were delicious roasted!


To get to the cave we had to scramble up gigantic boulders!

One thing I really wanted to do on this trip was volunteer on a farm. Through we found the perfect spot nestled in a glorious mountain valley surrounded by limestone spires in northern Thailand. The farmer, Peter, was a soft spoken old man from Hungary.  He had a hernia and swollen foot and was not able to get around to much,

The clay oven

so our farmstay turned into a homestay with some farming chores. I was happy to cook and clean. Peter recently made a clay oven and I had the honor of being the first to use it. Too bad I had absolutely no experience baking in a clay oven. My first loaf of bread did not cook all the way through because I did not get the oven hot enough (this is difficult without a knob to set the temperature). My second try I heated up the oven too much and burnt some rolls. My third try was success with delicious wheat berry, peanut and sesame cookies. Yay! We had all you can eat papaya, bananas, wheat berries, brown rice and fresh veggies. When we weren’t busy with chores, we engaged in hiking, wildlife watching and spelunking!
The whole area was surrounded by wonderful bamboo filled forests. Unfortunately, the forests were devoid of large animals because the locals ate them all! However we did see some great birdlife there. The region is also home to one of the largest concentrations of caves on the planet and we did our fare share of exploring caves. We”ll be going to Laos in a few days. We have to catch a bus. We will try to post more pics later.

Hang out room. We were lucky to have a few lights powered by a batery charger!cooking
Mr. Mao rolling out tortillas
Accomodations at the farm. We had to rough it a bit with dirty thin mattresses on the floor, but we had clean sheets.

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  1. Great Stuff, We love hearing about your travels so keep the information flowing. The Spartans play Wisconsin Saturday night for the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl. We leave for Florida with Seth in tow on the 13th. Sean and Brandy meeting us there a day or two before Christmas.

    1. Hope you guys are doing good, we’ll miss you in Florida, it sounds like the whole crew except for us will be there. I guess you got the message about the Subaru, which got totaled! at least Steve didn’t get hurt. What a devestating loss for MSU. Are you going to see them play in the Outback Bowl?

  2. Thanks for the pics, love them.
    Question about the Clay Oven? Is the design whimsical or does it represent a deity or mythical person/creature? If it represents something, what is he/it called?
    Getting cold here, finally have some snow staying on the ground and more suppose to hit today.

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