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Smooth Flying

The Rutherfords are officially in Asia!! We had a very nice, but exhausting flight. On the plane, we had our first Korean meal and rice wine, very yummy! We saw a red sunset over the arctic that lasted for 4 hours. We also saw snow covered mountains sprawling across the Siberian wilderness.
It is incredibly hot and muggy here. I am still in shock and can’t believe that we are actually here in Bangkok, Thailand! So far, we have had only pleasant experiences with Thais. They are kind-hearted, very helpful and thankfully, speak good English.

Adventure Eve

We are in Chicago enjoying some much needed down time before our 20 hour flight to Bangkok, Thailand. We depart Chicago at noon tomorrow, (Monday) and are scheduled to arrive in Bangkok at 10 pm on Tuesday (Bangkok is 12 hours ahead of us). This will be the longest day of our lives! 36 hours!
Thanks Mom and Dad for spoiling us and packing our backpacks full of a weeks worth of trail food!


In 2 1/2 weeks, Ryne and I will be leaving on an exciting  journey to southeast Asia. We will be gone for 5 months as we travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and possibly India! WHY? Much can be learned through traveling and we want to support local communities through eco-tourism. The more people that visit wildlife conservation areas, the more likely people will realize that leaving forests intact is profitable because naturalists, like us, will pay to see it.

We plan to explore several national parks and other natural area to soak up as much natural history knowledge as possible. We also plan to volunteer on a local organic farm to learn about the culture, and I would love to learn how to cook authentic spicy asian cuisine.