Arrival in Ecuador

We arrived in Quito last night at 10PM, but we were stuck at the airport until midnight because some of our luggage was lost. We are staying in a small town near the airport waiting for the arrival of our bag. Thankfully, I hauled most of Cypress’ stuff on the plane. Cypress traveled very well! He slept on the plane for much of the ride and seemed to really enjoy it. I was relieved that he had no ear problems. The trip exhausted us and Cypress, we all slept 7 hours straight last night =)

Our little adventure seeker and his new passport

Cypress slept the whole way to the airport

At MIA ready for adventures, thanks Paul for driving us!

9 thoughts on “Arrival in Ecuador”

  1. I think God you made it safe and sound. Hope all your luggage arrived and everything is in order. We pray for you guys every day.

  2. This post made my day. Cypress with passport and adventure seeker shirt is priceless! We o know how much cypress loves ‘flying’! Thanking God for your safe arrival. Now the adventure begins….

  3. So happy to hear you arrived safely. You all look so happy and ready for adventure! We love you and look forward to your next update. Mom & Dad

  4. The picture you posted of cholla cactus was not what I envisioned Ecuador. That scenic desert picture could have been taken here in AZ! Glad you made it safe & sound.

  5. I think you need to change pic of your old blog. Change it from
    Rutherfirdsinasia to in Equador !
    ;-))))) love you ! ++++

  6. Dear Jen, Ryne, and Cypress Merry Christmas! Jen post your address or call Aunt Annie if you need me to ship your contacts 941-276-1207. Love Aunt Annie

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