Chaing Mai

Today was spent touring the city of Chaing Mai. We visited a couple of wats (temples) and took a stroll down the famous Saturday walking market. There were several vendors selling their handicrafts such as silk scarfs, jewelry, and wood furnishings. I think we did enough shopping to satisfy my urge for a long, long time! I just wish I had more room in my backpack.

An ancient buddist temple

7 thoughts on “Chaing Mai”

  1. Sounds like you two are having a great time! Have fun and stay safe . Have a great Thanksgiving too!!
    Ohh…and Jenny, not sure if you had a chance to review your facebook messages, but I left you one on 11-11-11. I am officially engaged!!! 🙂 Shawn finally did it!!

    Peace and Love

      1. No way! 11-11-08!! What a strange but awesome coincidence. It’s just another really cool thing that bonds us together even more. We have not set a date yet, nor have we figured out what or where we are going to have a wedding. I am going to get through the holidays first and will then start planning away. I will for sure keep you posted!
        Love you too and have a great holiday!

  2. Hi Ryne & Jen, Just started reading your posts. We just got back from our month in Ecuador & Galapagos Island (just trying to keep up, in following in your foot steps). You’ll have to include some bird photos along the way. We saw over 600 species of birds in Ecuador, now get us excited about Southeast Asia! Enjoy every moment & don’t too many crickets. Mark & Joanie Hubinger

  3. Sounds like your having a fabulous journey so far! Love the pictures. Did I read something about silk scarves? Lol….love you both. Safe travels. Love, mom

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