Since we booked a flight out of Singapore, we decided to spend a few days here to take care of some shopping needs. We have been hiking so much that my boots are literally falling apart! I wasn’t able to find any suitable hiking boots despite countless mega-shopping malls lining pretty much every street. Maybe glue or ducktape will hold my boots together? Singapore very much caters to it”s fahionable, well-to-do denizens! A whopping 4.5 million people live on this 25 x 45 km island! Mostly Chinese, Malay, Indians and a few Euros. Singapore is an island, country and city. It has no poverty, no bums, and no litter.  There are strict laws, some a bit hilarious. Like no spitting, no making excessive noise, no durian on public busses and no smoking near food stalls. They very much enforce these laws too! As one kind and gracious local, Lisa told us,” this is a fine, fine, fine city!” You could be fined at least $1,000 for spitting on the street or jaywalking. Lisa went out of her way to escort us to a camping area at a park. Without her help, I’m sure we would of ended up in the wrong side of town or wondering around for hours looking for the park.

Since the cheapest hotel was around $80 a night, we decided to camp at a beach park for free.  With jogging , walking, and biking paths, it was workout central! I’ve never seen people, mainly Chinese, so dedicated to fitness. There were groups of 50 plus people doing yoga, tai chi and aerobics. We had fun people-watching and became well acquanted with public transportation. It took forever to get anywhere! We visited the only patch of rainforest left in Singapore and saw some wildlife, like birds, monitor lizards and monkeys… But mostly we saw exercise addicts. 

Now, we are waiting to board a plane that will bring us to a dream destination for both Ryne and I: Borneo!! Off to Kota Kinabulu, Sabah…

Happy Birthday Mutti!! We love you and miss you!

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  1. Hearing from you on my birthday was the best gift ever! Thanks for including us on your adventures. They are well written. Aunt Pauline thinks you should write a book!

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