Cape of Good Hope


According to my “smart phone” I have pictures from more than 500 locations. That’s a lot of places in 2 months! We have traversed most of South Africa, starting in the north, then going south- southwest. (See photo above – I drew our route in red). We travel from one wanderlust place to another with little time to rest, reflect and digest what we experience. Travel time is precious and unfortunately, it passes too quickly. One whimsical day melts into another leaving me dazed and delighted. We stay active, physically and mentally, soaking up one natural history, cultural or life lesson after another.
The journey from one destination to another is always an adventure in itself. We’ve had two flat tires and managed to get our camper stuck twice. In one instance, it was 4 hours of building a cobblestone path to get our buried front wheels out of the sand. Silver lining was that we were on a beach and spotted humpback whales and dusky sided dolphins just off shore! In the end, it was a gracious seaside resident (and wildlife photographer) who pulled us out with a heavy duty rope. We also pick up an occasional hitchhiker. Seems risky, but in rural areas it’s fine. We have¬†hitched a ride so much in the past that we feel inclined to “pay it forward” and how can you pass by women and children walking in the rain? We pass through small quiet towns and large bustling cities. We try to limit our time in cities ( it’s safer and stress free in the wilds), but our need for nourishment forces us to do some grocery shopping which can be fun, but stressful at times. Trying to park a big camper van on a busy street or in a small parking lot is far from easy and In most cities, we have to make necessary precautions to prevent being a target for thieves. We may as well have “we are tourists and have cash and valuables inside” printed on the van. We stick out like a sore thumb! Usually, Ryne stays with the vehicle while Cy and I shop. If we feel it’s safe, then we all go in. I prefer to cook so we don’t go out to eat often. Although, maybe we should more because it’s cheap! Meals, such as Fish and chips or a hamburger, are $3-5. Groceries are cheap too. Bread is $1.50 a loaf and that’s fresh whole wheat bread from a bakery! A dozen of brown eggs is less than a dollar. Produce is a steal as well!
Speaking of stealing, we have just been a victim of pickpocketing. We arrived back in Cape Town yesterday afternoon, after exploring west coast national park and the very wild karoo for 3 days, and Ryne got his wallet stolen!
We stopped at a beach/playground so Cy could play. Cy and I went to the playground while Ryne stayed with the camper because there were shady characters loitering in the parking lot. When I returned to the camper, there was a white car boxing us in and a women and child inside our camper. Ryne was scrunched in between the vehicles with a man very close to his back right side. The toothless grinning man seemed friendly and just curious about the camper. I was not too alarmed because this was not the first time someone brazenly gave themselves a tour of our camper. They asked, “are you from around here?” I said, “no, USA” They said “great to finally meet someone from USA. Woot! Chris Brown!” We were in a hurry so quickly parted ways.
It wasn’t until a half hour later that we realized the wallet was gone. We were lucky that they didn’t take anything else and there was only about $10 inside the wallet. Bad news is it held 4 credit cards, which we are trying to cancel.
It wasn’t ideal to back track, especially to a high crime city, but Ryne was determined to go on a pelagic and they only leave out of Cape Town 1-2 times a month. The week we stayed in Cape Town, the pelagic he booked was cancelled due to bad weather. The pelagic goes 45km out to sea!
During our first stay in Cape Town we went to Cape Point National Park and the coast was too beautiful not to share some pics!

Tide pooling was so much fun!
Colorful sea urchins were abundant in the pools.
Cy loves sea creatures! He enthusiastically held this urchin, but was scared to to hold the starfish.

Our sea safari was enjoyable! Cypress fell asleep and missed the dolphins, but got to see thousands of cape fur seals!


This is where we saw a great white shark swim into a cage full of adventurous snorkelers who signed up for “cage diving with sharks” they definitely got their money’s worth!

img_6047Angulate Tortoises were fairly common in the park!