Vacation Time

Our time at Las Tangaras Reserve has come to an end. An Australian couple is taking over for the next 4 rainy months. We showed them the ropes and bid them fair well this morning. Now we are free with no responsibilities and on vacation. It sure was hard work managing an Eco-lodge, especially one so remote and with so many water issues. Ryne had to fix the water 7 times! Mostly because heavy rains knocked the pipe out of place, but recently it was due to a landslide coming down on the pipe. Another difficult job was keeping the trails cleared. Trees frequently fell over trails due to heavy rains. We had 673.5 mm of rain just for the month of January. Cabin maintenance was also constant. With it being open to the elements, moisture and dust were problems. Our stuff, cabin linens and mattresses had to be checked for mold everyday. I washed laundry on Monday hoping everything would dry by the time we leave. We still hiked out with wet clothes and diapers.
We learned a lot about running an Eco-lodge, Ryne gained experience as a bird guide and I as a cook. We both learned much about the natural world in the rich rainforest and we made important contacts for potential future work. This was a great experience and I don’t regret it for a second. Oh the stories we must tell Cypress when he gets older.
We start our journey to the east side of the Andes tomorrow. Tonight we are staying with a friend in Mindo and we are marveled by electricity and hot water. Nothing like a hot shower!
Our Ecuador baby with Andean pantalones.
Sorry about the quality, it’s faster to to take a picture of a picture. This is the sign I painted during our stay.